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Hi friends! my name is Kimberly Jenkin, but you, my friends, can call me Kim.  I am a wife of a wonderful and supportive husband and the mother of an amazing son, who God has blessed me with all the way from Korea.  He has my heart.❤
 I am a furniture artist and I dabble in home décor.  My path in life changed about 5 years ago.  Being a hairdresser for 25 years, never in my wildest dreams would I ever think my career choice would make a 360° turn to furniture painting and home décor.
Jenkin, Kim 2020 - Jean Elle Photography -2924
This whole adventure started out with just painting my kitchen chairs that really needed some help.  I put my first coat of paint on them and I haven't looked back since!!!  It took the creative side I had in me from hairdressing and gave me a whole new outlet to express my creative side.
 In this new adventure of mine, I hope to inspire and teach just as I was by so many other people that have taught and inspired me along the way.
 My promise to you is to always be honest with what I do.  I hope to teach you and show you the many techniques and products I use in my furniture pieces and home décor.  I like to have fun when working on things and hope you do too!  What is the old saying " If you love what you do it will never feel like work"!  That is exactly how I feel when I am painting and creating.
So come and join me on my adventure at Yesterday's Tomorrows🌻
Thank you!